What to Expect

Acupuncture is an amazing and gentle form of medicine so the first thing you should expect is to feel comfortable. The whole reason I am an Acupuncturist is to help you so please treat the clinic room as your own space and ask me for anything that will help you feel most at your ease.

There are 3 kinds of consultation.

  1. an exploratory chat – this is if you want to check whether Acupuncture  might be able to help you, have some questions or want to speak with me to see if I am the right practitioner for you.
  2. a full initial consultation – this is where you have booked in with me and we are going to start a course of treatment
  3. subsequent treatments after the initial consultation.

1. Exploratory Chat

This lasts up to 20minutes and is for you to ask any questions you want, if you are happy for me to do so then I will ask you about what you want help with, this allows me to give you a good idea of whether Acupuncture can help you.

An exploratory chat can happen over the phone or at the clinic.

the relationship with the practitioner is important for treatment so if for whatever reason you don’t feel I am the right practitioner for you then please don’t feel awkward about this just let me know, connections between people are subtle and so I will completely understand this, letting me know allows me to give you the details of  other reliable, experienced practitioners in the area.

2. Full Initial Consultation

This lasts about 1 1/2 hrs, and happens in in the clinic. We spend this time talking about all aspects of your health and well-being, you do not have to talk about anything you do not wish to but being able to gather a detailed and complete picture of your health and well being in this interview and subsequent treatments is what allows me to give you the best results from your treatment so it is best to be as open as possible.

After our consultation I then spend time reviewing what we have discussed and refining this into a formal Chinese medical diagnosis.

In this discussion I ask questions about things that may appear to be unconnected to the issue(s) you want help with or health issues from your past, some people are surprised by this. In reality these issues are not actually unconnected, all aspects of the body and mind are connected and one of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is that it allows us to understand the connections between apparently unconnected aspects of health and then treat accordingly. Getting a complete picture of your health is what gives me the information I need to piece together a tailored diagnosis of your personal health situation. This diagnosis is what then determines the best course of treatment for your needs.

Professional standards of Acupuncture practise require that any information that you share and even the fact that you have come for treatment is kept  completely confidential and of course, I work to this standard.

Depending on what you need help with I may also need to do some physical diagnosis. So for example I may need you to walk around so that I can see if there are any imbalances when you walk, or  I may need to gently press points on your abdomen to see if these are tender. I may also take your blood pressure or measure your breath with a peak flow meter just as you would at the doctors.

I will usually take your pulse and take a look at your tongue as these are important parts of Chinese Medical diagnosis and also provide me with detailed feedback during treatment.

3. Subsequent Treatments

Each treatment takes between 30- 50 minutes and starts with us having a brief chat to review your progress since we last met and to see if any new issues have arisen since then. We then agree a treatment approach and continue with the treatment.

Treatment usually involves the gentle insertion of Acupuncture needles but can also involve other Chinese Medical treatment techniques. If I think a different treatment method will be helpful then I discuss this with you first to check you are happy about it, nothing happens in the treatment room without your explicit consent so if there is a reason you are not sure about a particular approach then we can always discuss alternative options.

Treatment happens with you sitting or lying on a comfortable treatment couch, the position you are in depends on what you are comfortable with and what Acupuncture points I need to access to treat you. There are Acupuncture points all over the body but for any condition there are multiple points that can be used so if there is a reason why you can’t sit or lie in a particular position or you don’t wish to uncover  particular part of your body then this can be accommodated.  The treatment couch can easily be raised and lowered so if you have mobility problems this can help.

You can find descriptions of the techniques I use in treatment here.

You can find answers to many other questions on the common questions page here.








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