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If something is getting in the way of you living your life, now is probably the best time to do something about it.
Since completing my Acupuncture degree and starting my practice in 2012, I have seen Acupuncture provide relief and freedom to hundreds of people, young and old, with all kinds of physical and emotional concerns. It is a genuinely remarkable form of treatment, safe, minimal and gentle but with long-lasting and wide-ranging effects; even after many years of practise it inspires me more with what it can do for us. I now practise in North Pembrokeshire, serving people from Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion,particularly the Haverfordwest, Narberth &: Fishguard areas.

I want you to be able to benefit from this amazing form of medicine so I really hope you will take action to get in touch now so we can explore if it can help you.

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Acupuncturists are currently allowed to practise and I have in place officially designed precautions to keep you safe.
If you are unable to attend clinic but need assistance, there are ways in which I can help you self-treat using Acupressure and other techniques. You can also find information about how the practise is kept COVID secure so you are kept safe.

Explore how I can support you to self-treat

Can Acupuncture Help You?

People the world over use Acupuncture to resolve a very wide range of both physical and emotional health issues. It helps 1000s of people every day, if you are not sure if it can help you then please get in touch with me and ask or there is more information on this website.

Am I the right Acupuncturist for you?

I provide individualised, patient-centred treatments that are focused on addressing what matters to you. I believe in nourishing people from the inside out and forming long lasting relationships based on trust, integrity and commitment. Click to find out more about my training, experience and approach.

What Should You Expect?

You should expect to feel cared about. You will be listened to carefully every time I see you, what you share with me will be taken seriously and you will be treated professionally, kindly and with a deep commitment to your wellbeing. Click to find out more.

What I treat

I completed my Acupuncture degree in 2012. I run a comprehensive general practise clinic for adults, a young person’s clinic for babies, children and teenagers and a clinic for individuals and couples who need assistance conceiving or carrying a pregnancy. As well as my accumulated experience since 2012, I have specialist additional training and experience in the treatment of babies, children & young people and the treatment of fertility related issues.

Children & Young People

I have a special passion for the treatment of children and adolescents. Acupuncture helps to resolve many of the difficulties of our early lives that we assume have to just be tolerated. It is gentle, safe and effective, avoiding the problems of side effects from medication and is happily accepted by almost all children.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Acupuncture is well-known for improving fertility both male & female both naturally and for assisted reproduction treatment like IVF or IUI. Individualised treatment and lifestyle advice works to address the issues affecting your fertility. This, along with emotional support helps you be at your best.

Emotional Wellbeing

Everybody experiences challenges to their emotional wellbeing at some point in their life, commonly things like work, relationship or life stresses can affect us deeply. Acupuncture can help you feel more balanced, content and at peace by treating you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms.

Gender Health Issues

From menstrual or menopausal issues to prostate problems, most people experience health and wellbeing issues specific to their gender at some point. Acupuncture has uniquely useful ways of caring for you whatever your gender.

Physical Health & Pain

Physical health issues can really impact on your ability to live the life you wish to. Acupuncture treats a wide range of physical conditions and illnesses and may be able to provide you with a lasting solution to what is giving you trouble.

Wellness in Later Life

If you are experiencing difficulties due to age, Acupuncture’s holistic understanding of ageing provides treatment that can keep you active and mentally fresh so you can continue to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

Please get in Touch

If something is troubling you, now is probably the best time to get in touch & explore if Acupuncture can help so please get in touch with me, there is no obligation or cost.
If you just want advice, that is absolutely fine and we can spend as much time as you need discussing your situation.
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