About Me

I am a Degree qualified Traditional Acupuncturist, this means I am trained in Chinese Medicine theory and diagnosis as well as treatment using Acupuncture. As well as providing treatment using Acupuncture I am also trained in the use of Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage), Chinese Cupping, Moxibustion and Guasha, these are additional treatment methods that work well in harmony with Acupuncture and are very effective for more specific issues and conditions.

I am also Vice-Chairman on the board of Evidence Based Acupuncture.
Evidence Based Acupuncture is  an international charity based in the US, we work to improve health outcomes for members of the public by communicating where and how the very extensive scientific evidence base relating to  Acupuncture shows Acupuncture to be a better or safer treatment than existing treatment options offered to the general public.