Wellbeing In Older Age

Happy senior couple enjoying the sunshine

Acupuncture helps many people live well for longer

Acupuncture has an integrated understanding of ageing and provides many insights that can help us live better for longer not least a good understanding of the difference between being fit and being healthy.

In addition there is of course plenty of excellent research into age that has been provided by science and this also gives us valuable information about how to live better and keep ourselves in good shape.

An Acupuncture consultation gives a unique individual picture of a persons health and what might be helpful for them, of course, things like taking adequate exercise, keeping our minds active and getting sufficient rest are true for all people but even with these common themes, what is ‘adequate’ exercise changes from person to person and of course, as we age these differences can become more pronounced as we experience the consequences good or bad of how we lived when younger.

Acupuncture is amazing and while it does not help everyone there are many people who find it helps them keep feeling fit and well,  get over problems more quickly and most importantly to live well for longer.

Life is of course, for living and by helping your body help itself Acupuncture helps you do that.