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For those who are interested… a brief biography

If you want to know more about why I trained to work as an Acupuncturist you can find out here.


My name is Paul Burdon, I’m 39.  I am an Acupuncturist and I love being an Acupuncturist because of what you can do for people. I can’t imagine more rewarding work than leaving people feeling healthy and getting more from what life has to offer.

I have been married for 5 years and am also very lucky to have a one year old son who already keeps me fully occupied outside of work!

Being a husband and parent is great and is the most important and fulfilling thing to me outside of my work time.

My main interest outside of my family and Acupuncture is Tai Chi. If you don’t know, Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation and self defense/martial art, you may have seen it, people move very slowly and gracefully. It has many health benefits aswell as being an excellent tool to keep on developing as a person. You see many Chinese people doing it in the parks in China and Hong Kong, it’s similar to seeing people jogging over here but even though Tai Chi keeps you healthy people can keep doing it until they are very old. I have been practising Tai Chi for the last 10 years and volunteer as an assistant teacher with the Rising Phoenix Tai Chi School in Cardiff. It is the learning I gained through the practise of Tai Chi that led me to commit to the length, 4 year training required to be a Traditional Acupuncturist.

Work and Education

I was born in 1974, and raised mainly in Birmingham, after achieving A-Levels in Maths, Philosophy, Chemistry, Biology and General Studies, I studied Psychology at the well respected Cardiff University Psychology department gaining an honours degree.

In my early career I worked with people with learning disabilities and mental health diagnoses, I left this to spend a period travelling in Asia and Nepal. Upon my return I worked in a variety of roles in the creative IT industry, managing a small team in one role and then going on to be self employed working mainly with charity and healthcare clients.

During the last 4 years of my career in IT,  I completed a degree in Traditional and Five Element Acupuncture at one of Europe’s most respected schools of Acupuncture, the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. You can find out more about this excellent training here.

Since this point it has been my great privilege to work as an Acupuncturist.