Why did I train as an Acupuncturist

The quick answer is that I wish to help people get the most out of what life has to offer and experiencing for myself some of the great benefits it can bring, I decided to commit to training so that I could offer the same to other people.

The longer answer is a short story of learning….

Prior to training as an acupuncturist I had been practising and teaching Tai Chi for about 7 years, this provided lots of benefits for my health and general well-being as well as allowing me to make some very positive changes in my life.  I wanted to share these benefits with others and so engaged in teacher training.  This training led to my looking to develop a  greater depth of knowledge of the body’s physical and energetic systems and this led to my trying out Acupuncture as a patient.

I tried it mainly out of curiosity to see if it would do anything for me and even after the first treatment I could feel that it had helped me at a deep level, these benefits continued, I found that over time as well as health benefits and a greater feeling of contentment and relaxation,  it made it easier to deal with challenging life situations as well.  I continued to have regular treatment and the benefits built up;  I slept better,  had more energy, it rapidly resolving a stubborn muscle injury that was not improving, it increased my ability to respond well life’s challenges. It really felt like magic!

Experiencing this as a patient was inspiring and decided to commit to the lengthy and demanding training to actually become an Acupuncturist. I trained at one of Europe’s most respected college’s so the course was demanding but the 4 years of hard study and clinical training was all worth it. Treating people and seeing them get the benefits of treatment just as I did is fantastic, as well as being great for my patients it is hugely rewarding for me also.

Training as an Acupuncturist is one of the best decisions  have ever made.