Womens Health

Chinese Medicine yields many helpful insights for maintaining Women’s Health and the understanding of women’s health is highly developed and detailed.

Why is this important?

Because receiving treatment can mean greatly improved quality of life and freedom from persistent monthly suffering that sometimes could have lasted a woman’s whole life.

Who Does it Affect?

Potentially any woman with a health issue that can be helped and that means a lot of women.

It is very interesting that here in the UK and the west generally, there is a general acceptance that periods necessarily involve pain and that this is quite normal. This is simply not the case in china, pain during your period is understood as a sign of imbalance in health and treatment is sought to remedy it.

One of my great passions is how helpful Chinese Medicine is for the health of women and how much it recognises and respects the differing demands that women encounter to men.

What Does it Help?

Acupuncture treats a whole range of conditions, too many to list and of course in pregnancy when most drugs are rightly deemed not safe to take, Acupuncture is an absolute lifeline. The British Medical journal identified it as one of the safest forms of medicine in the world.

Feel Amazing

Many many patient’s report that as well as gaining relief from specific conditions they bring to clinic, treatment leaves them feeling so much more themselves and it is this multi-layered aspect of Acupuncture that is so wonderful and inspiring as a practitioner, there is nothing more amazing for me than seeing patients’ leave without their initial problem but also feeling so much more alive and at one with themselves and their lives.

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