Physical Health

Physical health is enhanced by Acupuncture

Good physical health is at the core of feeling well and Acupuncture, as a complete system of medicine, is excellent at resolving many issues.

People sometimes come to Acupuncture as a last resort after they have failed to find help elsewhere and even in these situations where a condition has got worse because of a lack of effective treatment,  there is often a lot that can be done to help.

As well as treating your condition directly, I can often  help your ability to deal with your condition as well because Acupuncture can treat more than one aspect of your health at once.

As an example, patient’s who are experiencing side effects from chemotherapy often find Acupuncture helpful. There is no evidence that Acupuncture helps cancer itself but it does affect many of the common side effects of chemotherapy like Nausea and headaches and so can produce very substantial changes in quality of life.

Of course, just like other systems of medicine, Acupuncture cannot help everything, so one of the first things I do when we speak is find out about what is troubling you so that I can make an assessment of how likely it is I can help you, this helps you make a realistic decision about whether you want treatment. If I can’t help you then I can suggest other reliable, professional practitioners in the local area who may be able to.

If something is troubling you then you can take action now to resolve it by calling  me to chat about whether I can help you on 02920 14005.