Freedom from pain

Acupuncture is excellent at reducing or removing the sensation of pain.

Although, as a complete system of medicine, it treats a very wide range of conditions it is best known in the west for treating pain. In fact NICE (the UK body who determine best practise) recently stated that research shows Acupuncture to be the only form of treatment, conventional or complementary that effectively treats tension headaches or migraine.  In addition they identified that over prescription of medication is one of the most common causes of these kinds of headaches.
The report can be viewed here:

Acupuncture does not just treat headaches, it is well known for helping alleviate the sensation of lower back pain and other conditions.

If you are currently troubled by pain then it is very likely that I can help you, as well as Acupuncture I am also trained in Tui Na (CHiense therapeutic massage), Guasha and Cupping which are all Chinese medical skills intended to help with pain as well as other issues.

You can give me a call to chat about whether I can help you by calling on 02920 14005.