Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Real well-being is more than skin deep.

People who have a course of professional Acupuncture treatment regularly comment  that aswell as their specific complaint being better, they feel much better in themselves.

Why Is this?

The quick answer is that good Acupuncture treats all of you and when you are treated this way you feel better at both deep and surface levels. The way we experience our emotional and mental life is just is as much related to our physical body as whether we have a bad back. Just see how your  feelings change when you are ill or tired.

Acupuncture treatment brings you back into a better balance and is intended to encourage the body’s natural tendency to operate at optimum health. Good Acupuncture treatment balances you and one of the results of this is that people start reporting that they ‘feel more themselves’, ‘can see I am ‘more at peace’, ‘can hear that I am more content’ etc. This is the real meaning of well-being and what is amazing, and surprising to many, about Acupuncture is that it can help you feel this way.

Who Does this Affect?

Can anyone truly say, ‘I don’t think I could feel any better in my life’?

Very very few for sure, so really almost anyone,  everyone has different kinds of demands that life brings to them, Acupuncture for many people is an important part of what helps them live life rather than survive it.

What Do I need to Do?

If you have something that is bothering you then you just need to try a course of treatment, many people find it leaves them feeling much better, whether they ‘believe’ in Acupuncture or not. It is this aspect of acupuncture more than any other that led me to complete the very demanding 4 year training.  Why? because Acupuncture treats the whole person and experiencing what that felt like myself inspired me to be able to share that with other people who wanted the same.

You can give me a call to chat about whether I can help you by calling on 02920 14005.