Children & Babies

Picure of child kissing new born baby

Acupuncture is a gentle treatment for children

Acupuncture is a wonderfully gentle and effective treatment for many childhood issues. As a father of a 1 year old I know that giving children drugs or submitting them for medical procedures can be a very difficult decision so the chance to use a natural and completely safe form of medicine can be a welcome alternative, this is of course particularly true for babies and small children.

Children and babies generally respond quicker than adults to Acupuncture treatment so often change can happen quickly.  Unless the parents request otherwise I always use the approach of using the minimum treatment necessary to get the results required, this is part of being gentle and sensitive to your child’s needs.

Will my child be scared?

The first thing to say is that needles are not always the best choice of treatment, children and babies can respond very well to Tui Na (Chinese massage) and other forms of treatment so these are always considered first. Sometimes it is possible to also teach parents simple massage techniques so that you can continue treatment at home.

The second thing is that the needles are very thin indeed and the experience is nothing like an injection so children, while they may or may not like being needled are not unduly distressed. Some children think it is quite ‘cool’ having acupuncture needles poking out of them and so want to bring their friends to see!

Ultimately as a parent it is a case of assessing whether any brief discomfort that may be associated with treatment is worse than what your child is experiencing because of their condition.

Contact Me With Your Questions

I take time to get to know you and your child so that you and your child can feel safe and confident, this is central to the way I treat so please give me a ring with your questions by calling on 02920 14005.