Common Questions

  1. How do I book?
  2. Do I need to do anything before coming?
  3. Do I need to do anything after treatment?
  4. Where do the treatments take place?
  5. Do you do home visits?
  6. How many treatments will I need?
  7. Will treatment restrict what I can do afterwards?
  8. I’m on medication, Is it OK to have acupuncture?
  9. Will I have to change my medication to have Acupuncture?
  10. I’m pregnant, is it safe to have acupuncture?
  11. Are there any conditions for which Acupuncture treatment is contra-indicated?
  12. How big are the needles?
  13. Is it painful?

How do I book?

Visit the’ how to book’ page here

Do I need to do anything before coming?

One of the wonderful things about Acupuncture is that you can treat multiple things at once so before coming it can be helpful to think about your health and general well-being and what areas are not as you would like to be. This includes your emotional life as well as your health. One of the very common things people report after treatment is that multiple things are better, they often feel much better in themselves and are feeling more relaxed and happy, or find they are sleeping better or their headaches have gone etc. If I know everything you would like improving this allows me to tailor treatment to address other things as well as the main issue you want help with.

If you have already had treatment, try to think about how you have been since your last treatment, providing feedback is an important part of how we assess your progress.

If you have any diagnosed illnesses or conditions it is useful to let me know about these in advance.

It is helpful to bring a list of any drugs you are taking so that I can take account of the actions of these drugs.  NB: Acupuncture does not interfere with the action of drugs.

It is best to make sure that you have eaten adequately before coming so try to avoid skipping any meals.

Please don’t drink alcohol or take drugs (except prescribed medications) before attending treatment as I may not be able to treat you.

Do I need to do anything after treatment?

It is good to make sure you get adequate rest, drink plenty (but not excessive amounts) of water and eat well. This is simply to allow treatment to have the best effect.

It is best to avoid drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs after treatment as it will stop you getting the full benefit of treatment and will also reduce your awareness of how treatment is affecting you, this will stop you giving accurate feedback as to how treatment affected you and this makes it harder for you to get the best from treatment.

Between treatments, notice how you feel and notice any changes in your health and well being, these may not appear to be connected to treatment but please still report them as sometimes they are connected. Treatment often builds up in effectiveness so small pieces of information or small changes can provide important indications that a particular line of treatment is starting to take effect and that a given line of treatment should be pursued further.

Where do the treatments take place?

Treatments take place in a private room in the Wellfield Osteopathic Clinic which is spacious professional clinic in Roath in Cardiff.

You can find directions here.

Do you do home visits?

Sometimes, but by arrangement as not all homes are suitable and it isn’t always possible. Costs depend on the travel time involved I simply charge travel time  in addition to the usual treatment time.

How many treatments will I need?

This is a natural and very common question but unfortunately it is not possible to give a single answer. Some people respond to Acupuncture very quickly indeed and feel they have had an almost ‘miraculous’ cure, other people take a few treatments to  respond and a very small number of people don’t respond much at all. Different conditions also respond differently so without having spoken to you I can’t give you an idea. We talk about progress and how we will monitor  this as part of an initial consultation but you can ask me about this at any time.

Will treatment restrict what I can do afterwards?

No, it is advisable to take it easy after treatment to allow treatment to have the best affect and in some situations conditions will exacerbate slightly for a day or two before then getting better.

I’m on medication, Is it OK to have acupuncture?

Yes, Acupuncture works with the body and is a complimentary form of medicine. This means it works with existing treatments and does not interfere with the actions of medication. Medication can however alter things like your pulse and have side effects so I do need to know what drugs you are on so that I can take account of these effects when formulating the  Chinese medical diagnosis that forms the basis of your treatment plan.

Will I need to change my medication?

No, medication is a matter between you and your doctor, if you wish to change your medication, Acupuncture treatment can sometimes help.
Patients who have treatment for a while can find that they no longer need their medication or can reduce their dose, again, in this situation you need to seek the advice of your doctor.

I’m pregnant, is it safe to have acupuncture?

Yes, having acupuncture helps balance your body and so can help with many of the challenges around pregnancy such as nausea  and pain.  Properly trained Acupuncturists know that there are specific Acupuncture points that are used to induce labor so these points  and points directly over the abdomen are never used during pregnancy. Apart from these restrictions treatment can happen as normal and is very beneficial for many women.

Are there any conditions for which Acupuncture treatment is contra-indicated?

Some conditions like lymphoma mean that certain Acupuncture points cannot be used because of where those points are in relation to swellings etc but Acupuncture is not contraindicated for any specific conditions.

How big are the needles?

Many people ask about the needles, these are very very fine, just a little thicker than a human hair.
Most peoples’ experience of needles is having an injection but this is very different to having Acupuncture, the hypodermic needles required for an injection need to have a big hollow in the centre to allow the fluid to be injected to pass into the body. Acupuncture needles do not put anything into the body and so do not need a hollow and are far thinner, this is why the sensation is nothing like an injection.

Is it painful?

The sensation of being needled with an Acupuncture needle is very variable, sometimes people feel nothing at all, other times they feel a tingling, other times they feel a dull sensation like a very localised ache,  there are as many sensations as there are people and the sensation varies depending on where you are being needled

Normally the main concern is that it will be painful like having an injection, I don’t like injections either so I know what being concerned about needles feels like.

Acupuncture is nothing like an injection and any sensations people do feel pass away very quickly, usually in a few seconds.

If you are worried about it hurting there are a few options – firstly, I may be able to treat using techniques other than needles, secondly, for all of my patients who have had this concern  it is the thought of the needle that is worse than the reality of it and once they have experienced it they are fine. Some people find it helpful if they see me needle myself, that way they see that it is nothing to be worried about so I can do this if you think it will be helpful, I treat myself regularly so it is no problem.

If this bothers you then he best bet is to give me a ring , let me know your concern and we can have a chat about what we can do to help you feel relaxed, I have never had a patient leave treatment because of the sensation of needling and once patients have had treatment and felt the benefit they get, even those who feel stronger sensations aren’t worried about them.